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New Boostaroo Improvements

You asked, and we have listened! We have made a few enhancements to the Original Boostaroo Amplifier, based on feedback from our customers.

1. We are strengthening the input audio cord. The new cord will still be flexible enough to move the amplifier wherever you want, while adding more protection against breaking or shorting.

2. We have changed the On status LED from red to blue. A few people were believing the amplifiers to be broken when they turned them on. Not only does the Blue LED not look like a warning light, it is easier to see and servers as a battery life indicator. The light will begin to fade in and out as batteries reach the end of their life cycle.

These changes will take affect on model (T613-BNC) starting in September. Keep the feedback coming. We love hearing from customers on what they think about the Boostaroo.

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