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In-Line Stereo Volume Control
This in-line stereo volume control is light and easy to use. It can be connected into the output of any Boostaroo portable audio amplifier and is compatible with any headphone that has a 3.5mm plug.

Our price: $5.99

Boostaroo Battery Door for Models: (T613)
SKU: T6131
The Boostaroo battery door fits all (T613) Boostaroo models.

Our price: $3.00

Boostaroo Revolution Battery Door for Models: (R234)
SKU: R2341
The Boostaroo Revolution battery door fits all (R234) Revolution models.

Our price: $3.00

The Gunslinger Mule Pack
Available in 3 different sizes - The Gunslinger Mule Pack is the ultimate solution for your portable stereo needs! Designed for use with popular iPod or iPhone products, and a Boostaroo Revolution Amp, the Gunslinger Mule Pack Holder places your devices conveniently together, directly in front of you on the handlebars of your motorcycle or bicycle, allowing you easy access. No more fumbling in your pocket!

Our price: $39.99

Energizer AAAA Alkaline Batteries for Boostaroo Models: (R234)

Power up your Revolution and take it along for the ride with Energizer batteries.

This package includes 4 AAAA cell batteries. Different AAAA pack sizes can be selected in product detail.

Our price: $3.00

(120V) AC Power Supply for Boostaroo Models: (T795, T796, R234-TV, R234-ACUV)
SKU: DV-530R
Don't have a USB port to power the Boostaroo? Now you can get a small AC power supply that fits in the same connection point.

Our price: $10.00

12" 3.5mm Audio Patch Cable
SKU: CAE-133139
Need an extra cable for your Boostaroo? Well look no further. We've got it.

Our price: $2.99

3 ft. RCA to 3.5mm Stereo Y-Adapter Cable
SKU: 41360
Need to connect your Boostaroo a TV, home stereo, or Video Camera? Well, we have the cable to do it.

Our price: $3.99

3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Mono Female Adapter
SKU: 40634
Adapt a 3.5mm mono plug to a 3.5mm stereo plug

Our price: $3.99

1.5ft Velocity 3.5mm M/M Mono Audio Cable
SKU: 40618
Connect components that utilize a 3.5mm serial data jack such as whole house automation systems or mono audio devices such as telephone systems.

Our price: $6.99
Market price: $8.99 save 22%