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Boostaroo Audio Amplifier Reviews

The Boostaroo headphone amplifers and audio splitters have certainly caught the attention of the music and technology world. Check out the articles and reviews below from magazines, blogs, and other organizations.

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[read full article] The New York Times: For Music Lovers, a Gadget's Gadget

"Yes, it's yet another gizmo to carry around. But the Boostaroo Revolution aims to make other gizmos better: it amplifies and improves the sound of iPods and other digital players."

[read full article] PC Magazine: The Independent Guide to Technology

What do you do when you want to use your expensive, high-end headphones with your MP3 player, but you can't get enough volume out of them? The Boostaroo Revolution is a small, inexpensive headphone amplifier that significantly boosts your MP3 player's volume and provides two 3.5mm headphone outputs so you can share your audio bliss with a friend.

[read full article] Fortune Magazine: Headphones Sounds of Silence

"One way to overcome aircraft cabin noise is to make your music louder, and the Boostaroo amplifier obliges. Even better, it allows up to three people to share the stereo output from a single device, assuming they all have headphones. If you have two or three kids on a long car trip, you need this gizmo."

[read full article] Parade Magazine: Sounds Great

"True audiophile's won't want to leave home without the Boostaroo Revolution from Upbeat Audio (www.upbeataudio.com, $80). Just plug the compact device into any music player and high-end headset to experience 3-channel surround sound plus enhanced volume and clarity."

[read full article] Macworld: The Apple, Mac, iPod, and iPhone Expert

"The pocket-sized amplifier works with any device equipped with a headphone jack, and touts a decompression enhancer circuit."

[read full article] Lockergnome: Windows Fanatics

"The Boostaroo is a great and economical way to increase the volume of your own portable player through your headphones or mini-speaker."

[read full article] Techlore: Consumer Electronics

"What I have found is that with a simple Portable Audio Amplifier I can amplify and enhance the sound quality to a much better level."

[read full article] MacTribe: MacTribe's Audio Spotlight Editor's Picks

"If you ever find yourself hoping for that 11 setting on your iPod volume dial, Upbeat Audio's Boostaroo AC/USB powered amplifier and splitter is what you are seeking."

[read full article] Laptopical

"Tired of your portable pal's tinny speakers? If so the Boostaroo Revolution maybe the solution. This compact notebook gadget plugs into your audio output jack, and can quadruple the volume output without distortion."

[read full article] Mad Professor

"...But it works wonders. The sounds is crystal clear. I also use it to boost the input volume of my phone recording gizmo so that when I interview people for stories I can hear what they are saying on the recording."

[read full article] Sports Shooter: Last Minute Gifts for the Photographer that has Everything

"Ever wish your iPod, WalkMan or radio had a little more volume? Well if you want to piss off that couple from Kinosha staying in that room next door at Courtyard Marriott room this is the little gizmo for you."

[read full article] Audio Ideas Blog: Put Your iPod on Steroids

"In general the sound just came to life in a way that my iPod couldn't muster on its own. Transients had more snap, drums had more slam, mids had more presence and palpability and the overall result was much more involving music."

[read full article] Tech Mamas: Gadgets That Keep Your Boys Entertained

"This is a great tool for families with multiple kids who need to listen to the same movie on a laptop or portable DVD player with headphones. We had three headphones plugged in and all the boys were very happy. Better yet, it is also an amplifier which helped the kids hear over the roar of the airplane engines."

[read full article] Travel Insider: Road Warrior Resources

"The Boostaroo is compact, light, inexpensive, and simple to use - a great gadget to enhance your (and your friends') listening experience."

[read full article] Computing Unplugged Magazine: 4 out of 5 Plugs

"If two of you want to listen to the same program while traveling (for example, my wife and I like to listen to and discuss audio books together), the Boostaroo provides two output jacks for two sets of headphones. This works quite a bit better than simply using an audio splitter."

[read full article] iPod Observer Review: Now Playing

"...there is no question that the device improves the sound quality of my iPods quite a bit, adding not only volume, but also presence and clarity. Music of all types sounds richer, fuller, crisper, and, of course, louder through the Revolution."

[read full article] SchwarzTech

"The Boostaroo Revolution is a great device for anyone who cares about audio, or wants to share the audio with their friends."

[read full article] Pocketnow.com: It's All About Portability

"In my experience with the device, the audio was strong and clear."

[read full article] Maximum PC: Minimum BS

For many people, portable audio devices such as MP3 players and hand held gaming devices just don't deliver enough oomph. We're talking volume, people! If you're in that crowd, give the Boostaroo Revolution an audition.

[read full article] Gizmodo: The Gadgets Weblog

Without Boostaroo, my own iPod sounded fine. I have some nice Ultimate Ears ear buds and they have kept me happy for almost two years now. However, once I plugged in the Boostaroo stick, I realized most of the music I was listening to had originally sounded like a truck backing over gravel.

[read full article] Macsimum News: Boasting About the Boostaroo Revolution

The Boostaroo Revolution makes bass more defined and highs clearer and crisper. The sound is louder at a lower device volume level. It also increases the battery life of your audio player, because the player doesn't have to function as the amplifier.

[read full article] TravelLady.com: Amplify Your Love Together

More people are taking their entertainment with them as more content (music, movies, TV) is digitized and more portable players (iPods, the PSP, music-playing mobile phones, laptops, satellite radio players) let them enjoy it on the go. And, couples (lovebirds) want to share their music and movies while traveling.

[read full article] IGN.com: Power Your Portable Volume

Having problems hearing your PSP on that packed flight? Can't quite hear your puppy barking in Nintendogs? Need an iPod boost? UpBeat Audio is cookin' up a solution to your woes. The answer is the Boostaroo Revolution, a compact amplifier that adds a little oomph to the sound coming out of your headphones.

[read full article] Mobile Gadget News

"Does it work? You bet, it is hard for me to quantify the result other than to say that your headset sounds better when used with a Boostaroo. The sound is louder at a lower device volume level for sure (this will save device battery levels BTW), the bass has more punch, and the highs are a bit crisper and the sound is much more CD like than MP3 like."

[read full article] MacWorld: Travel Survival Tips

"The Boostaroo is a nice addition to your bag if you travel with a buddy. In addition to splitting your audio output into three so that you can plug in three sets of headphones, it also provides a 100 percent increase in volume."

[read full article] Meta-Efficient: A Guide To The Most Efficient Things In The World

"A pocket-size portable amplifier that will give anything that uses a headphone an increase in volume by 100%. It increases the battery life of your audio player, because the player does not have to function as the amplifier."

[read full article] PowerBook Central: The Mobile Mac User's Resource

"Boostaroo works great with my Power Book and iPod, providing three clean, clear stereo outputs with a noticeable volume gain. The unit is small enough to carry with you, and it's 1/8" output jacks are compatible with most headphones and personal speaker units."

[read full article] Macnn: If you need a headphone amplifier, this is it..

If you need a headphone amplifier, this is it. The Boostaroo Revolution is small, unobtrusive, and lightweight .

[read full article] eCoustics: Get a Portable Audio Boost with Boostaroo

If you are watching or listening to something that two or tree people want to hear I highly recommend the Boostaroo.

[read full article] Computer Times: Editors Choice Accessory

Boostaroo Revolution®, from Upbeat Audio, is a great device for anyone who is tired of the pathetic volume produced by laptop computers, MP3 players, DVD players and other portable devices. Many of us blame our headphones but they are not the culprit. Portable devices simply lack the power needed to drive your headphones to produce great multi-dimensional sound. In addition to low power, most portable devices only have outputs for one set of headphones.

[read full article] Delta Sky Magazine: Gadget on the Go

"You say you want a revolution?" The Beatles belted. Start your own on your iPod or laptop with a Boostaroo Revolution.

[read full article] GadgetMe: Because Your Life is Mobile

Just like the Boostaroo Revolution's brochure said, “You want more volume and better audio for your players. Now you can have it all and you can share it, too.” And for this little gadget, it isn't just hype.

[read full article] Hand Held Computing: Cool New Stuff